Game Troubleshooting

Game does not start

If your gameserver does not start, try following the debug instructions by logging into a main administrator, navigate to the gameserver and then click “Management” > “Debug”


  • Try disabling the console log feature, some games will not work properly with console redirection
    • This is in Game Templates > Edit > Windows tab
  • Try making the service interactive by going into services.msc
    • Locate “gsp-serv_[gameid]”
    • Go into the properties of the service
    • Go into the “Log On” tab
    • Check the box that says “Allow Service to Interact with Desktop”
    • Restart the service to see if any errors popup
  • Check if the service exists and verify the parameters
    • Go into services.msc and check to see if “gsp-serv_[gameid]” exists
    • Check the parameters by going into regedit
      • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Services > gsp-serv[gameid] > Parameters
      • Ensure these settings are valid. If these values are not valid then open a ticket with GSP-Panel Support.

Game files don't copy

If the game files do not copy when adding a game to a user check the following:

  • The games are in the correct location(“File Location” setting for the machine)
    • You can check if GSP-Panel can see the files by going to Machines > Information > Game Installs
  • The file location folder, sub-folders, and archives have the correct permissions
    • In linux this is generally 744
  • Debug the backend, you can find out how by visiting Backend Debugging

Cannot install the gameserver, all servers are above the quota

This error can be caused by the following:

  • Quotas are enabled and the limit would be exceeded by adding another gameserver
  • All your IPs are in-use due to the “Dedicated IP” feature, which means only one server is allowed per IP. This setting is selected when adding gameservers.
  • Your machine does not have any IPs setup, go to Machines > Edit > IPs > Add IP

Some required information is missing

You may receive the above error when trying to install a game server.

If you receive this error please confirm the following:

  • Make sure you selected a user, game, and machine
    • If no machines are listed then the game was not detected on any machines, you can confirm this by going to Machines > Information > Game Installs
  • Make sure you entered a slot count

No machine was found matching criteria

  • Make sure the machine has IPs added by going to Machines > Edit > IPs
    • When adding IPs do not select “Dedicated IP” unless you want the IPs to only be used ONCE
  • Make sure the games files are installed and detected properly on the machine(s) by going to Games > Verify

This game server is currently locked while a task is taking place

Chances are you received this when trying to delete or edit a game server that has one of the following tasks taking place:

  • Backup
  • Server install/reinstall
  • Server updating

If you believe a task is stuck you can delete it by going to Utilities > Tasks as an Admin.