Backend Debugging

Backend debugging is useful for finding out the cause of anything not working on the remote servers (backend, games, commands, etc).

If the backend is operating properly and verified as "Online" in GSP-Panel then you can enable debugging by doing the following:
  1. Login to GSP-Panel as a main administrator
  2. Go to Machines > Edit > Place a check in the debugging box, click save
  3. Attempt to do whatever is failing
  4. Wait for it to finish/fail
  5. Download debug.txt (/usr/local/gsp-panel/debug.txt or C:\Program Files\GSP-Panel\debug.txt)
  6. Review debug.txt or attach it to a ticket with a description of the problem
  7. Disable machine debugging
If the backend is not operating properly then do the following:
  1. Login to your remote server using RDP or SSH
  2. Browse to the GSP-Panel location, the defaults are listed below:
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\GSP-Panel
    • Linux: /usr/local/gsp-panel
  3. Open up the gsp-panel.ini
  4. Change “debug=off” to “debug=on”, without quotes
  5. Restart the remote
    • Windows: Go into services.msc from the run dialog, find “GSP-Panel Remote”, right click on it and click restart
    • Linux: Run /etc/init.d/gsp-panel restart
  6. Log into the panel and try running the commands you need to debug
  7. View the debug.txt on the remote server in the location mentioned above
  8. Remember to turn off debugging once your finished