Backend Troubleshooting

Linux and Windows

The frontend cannot connect to the backend

If you are receiving “Unable to connect to the server, please follow the directions above” when verifying a machine then please follow these steps after verifying the gsp-remote starts.

  • Make sure the backend is running
    • Linux: /etc/init.d/gsp-panel start
    • Windows: Make sure the service is running in services.msc
  • Check is the debug.txt on the backend
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\GSP-Remote\debug.txt OR C:\Program Files (x86)\GSP-Remote\debug.txt
    • Linux: /usr/local/gsp-panel/debug.txt
    • If the file contains a line that says “Access denied for <IP Address>” then you will want to edit gsp-panel.ini and change the masterip to that IP address. After doing that you will need to restart the gsp-remote.
  • The next thing to check is both incoming and outgoing firewalls. Shared hosts will commonly block outgoing ports, if you are on a shared host you should contact their support and ask them to open the required outgoing ports. By default the outgoing port is 299
  • Make sure SELinux is disabled on the web server and on the backend. You can find more information on this by going to Frontend Troubleshooting
  • Make sure the remote server can resolve the DNS of the frontend server in a timely fashion


Backend does not start or it stops

If the backend does not start or starts but dies try the following:

  • Run the following in SSH as root: cd /usr/local/gsp-panel/; java -jar GSP-Panel.jar
  • Check the output for one of the following errors:
    • error=12, Cannot allocate memory” try:
      • cd /usr/local/gsp-panel/; java -Xms16m -Xmx128m -jar GSP-Remote.jar
      • If that works then change the javaCommandLine in /usr/local/gsp-panel/
    • JRE 1.6.0 or higher is required to run this program.
      • Make sure JRE 1.6 is installed
    • This program must be run as root.
      • Login as root and try again
    • Unable to connect to the master server with the following url
      • Make sure your backend can connect to the frontend, you can test this using wget or lynx
    • screen-profiles is installed. This package must be uninstalled to use GSP-Panel
      • Uninstall screen-profiles