Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the game files?

GSP-Panel does not provide these files, you will need to get them from the publisher of the game.

Can GSP-Panel use my existing FTP Server?

No, GSP-Panel is only compatible with its own FTP Server, however you can run both FTP Servers at the same time by using different ports.

Can GSP-Panel control my firewall?

GSP-Panel will add and remove firewall exceptions for user game servers on Windows. Linux firewalls are not supported at this time. We recommend opening the required ports for the backend and port ranges for games.

What ports are required for the backend?

The Linux and Windows backend's require the following ports:

  1. 21 - Integrated FTP Server(Can be changed)
  2. 298 - Integrated HTTP server(Can be changed)
  3. 299 - Communication between frontend and backend(Can be changed)
  4. 40500-40530 - Data Connection for FTP Server(Cannot be changed)