How do I install a game?

Steam Games

Most games that are popular on steam can be downloaded using the SteamCMD application, these games can be installed using our Game Installer which can be found under the Utilities menu. If an account is required to download the game you will need to provide the credentials on this page, if steam guard is used you will need to login at the server the first time to provide the steam guard code.

Other Games

You will need to know two settings in order to know where a game should be installed.

  1. The machines 'File Location'
    1. Go to Machines > Edit > Check what “File Location” is set to
    2. In our example this will be '/usr/local/games'
  2. The games 'Game Folder'
    1. Go to Configuration > Game Templates > Edit > Check what “Game Folder” is set to
    2. This should NOT be a full path
    3. In our example this will be 'css'

Next you should combine those two paths into one, this would make our example have a path of /usr/local/games/css.

Now that you know the path the game should be installed to, visit the publishers website and download the files to that path.

After you downloaded the required files, you can verify that GSP-Panel is detecting them by going to Machines > Information > Game Installs.