Configurable Options

This feature allows users and admins to quickly edit values in the command line, configs, etc. These can either be a select box with predetermined values or they can be an input box that allows the user to enter in any text.

These options can be used in WHMCS, command line, configs, emails, etc. See Variable Replacement for more information

Basic Usage

To create a new configurable option follow the instructions below:

  1. Go into Configuration > Game Templates > Edit
  2. Select the “Configurable Options” tab
  3. Click “Add Option”
  4. Select the type of option it will be, either a select box or a plain input box.
  5. Input a name, make sure not to duplicate an existing configurable option name. The name is displayed to users/admins and will be used in the command line, configs, etc.
  6. Enter the default value this variable will have.
    1. If you are using a select box field type please see below for instructions on how to add the options.

After creating a configurable option in the game template you can then use that option in the command line, configs, scripts, etc. You use the configurable option by wrapping the name of the option in {}. For example if we used the name “Tickrate” we would then use {Tickrate} in the command line.

Select Box

When using a select box you will input the options into the “Value” text box. These options must be separated by a comma(e.g. Yes,No).

Each value can also have a display value that is shown instead of the real value, you do this by splitting the displayed value and the real value with an equal sign(E.g. Vanilla=minecraft_server.jar,CraftBukkit=craftbukkit.jar). This example will show the option of “Vanilla” and “Craftbukkit” to users, but will use minecraft_server.jar and craftbukkit.jar as the variable replacement.