Server Owners


This feature allows machines to be dedicated to a single client (server owner), when a server owner is configured the user will be able to install and delete gameservers on any machine they are the owner of.

When a server owner is configured for a server it is no longer in the 'shared' pool and game servers can only be installed on that server for the specified user. When the client is removed from GSP-Panel the machine will be returned to the shared pool.

The server owner cannot be changed if it the server has other gameservers on it that do not belong to the selected user, a server can be moved back to the 'shared' pool at anytime regardless of what game servers are installed on it.

You should NOT provide a server owner with root or administrator access to the server.

What can server owners do?

Server owners can do the following:

  • Install a gameserver for games that are enabled on that server by the main administrator, during the install they can select the IP address
  • Delete a gameserver on any machine they are the owner of
  • Change the max slots, CPU priority, affinity, and private settings for any gameserver on a machine they are the owner of
  • View the current machine status (Disk space, online/offline, ram usage, and OS)


  • Server owners can not modify or create game templates
  • Server owners cannot modify the command line or event scripts.
  • Game template restrictions will always be followed, if a configuration option is set for no user control then the server owner will not have control over that option (with the exception of max slots)
  • Server owners are not provided with any method to login to the server, except for FTP
  • Server owners cannot move their gameservers between machines
  • Administrators will no longer be able to select that machine for game installs, even if the specified user is the owner