Server Monitor

The Server Monitor is used to monitor server resources, gameserver status, cache information, and many other things. We HIGHLY recommend using the server monitor to get the best performance out of GSP-Panel.

The server monitor can be ran by using your local crontab/task scheduler on your master server, or by using the GSP-Panel scheduler which utilizes our servers to call your scheduled tasks. When using the GSP-Panel scheduler you will also have the ability to schedule server restarts and other options.

To change the scheduler method go into Configuration > General Settings > Change “Scheduler Method” to the desired setting.

NOTE: By default the scheduler method is set to GSP-Panel and requires an active license.

Windows Scheduled Tasks

  1. Remote desktop into the server and navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler
  2. Click “Create Task”
  3. Fill in the follow settings:
    1. General Tab
      1. Name: GSP-Panel Server Monitor
      2. Select “Run whether user is logged on or not”
    2. Trigger Tab
      1. Click New
      2. Begin the task: On a schedule
      3. Check “Repeat task every:” and set this to “5 minutes” for a duration of “Indefinitely”
      4. Click “Ok”
    3. Actions tab
      1. Click New
      2. Action: Start a Program
      3. Program/Script: Locate php.exe
      4. Add Arguments: Location to [panel install directory]\api\servermon.php
      5. Start In: [panel install directory]
      6. Click Ok
    4. Click Ok
  4. Your task should now be all set.

Common Problems

Server Monitor not running

You may see one of the following messages:

  • The server monitor has not ran in the past 20 minutes, for optimal performance please enable the server monitor
  • The server monitor does not appear to be setup or has not ran on your system yet, for optimal performance please enable the server monitor

Local crontab/task scheduler

If you have already setup the cron(Linux) or scheduled task(Windows) and are still seeing the messages(after 5 minutes) then ionCube may not be loaded in the php-cli configuration, this is different then the standard php.ini/php5.ini. To find the correct ini you can use the following commands:

php -i |find /i "Configuration File"
php -i | grep 'Configuration File'

GSP-Panel scheduler

You will need to create the scheduled task by doing the following:

  • Go to Utilities > Scheduler > Add
  • Select 'Server Monitor' as the 'Schedule Type'
  • Select '5 Minutes' for the interval
  • Wait 5 minutes for the job to run

Contact support if you are having problems with any scheduled tasks while using the GSP-Panel scheduler.