Fast Download

The FastDL feature allows game client's to download files using our integrated HTTP server. With this feature user's do not need to upload custom game files (e.g. maps) to a separate webserver, instead our integrated HTTP server serves the files directly from the user's game server folder.

To start using the FastDL feature you will need to enable “Fast Download” in the game template, this option is found under the “General” tab. Once the FastDL feature is enabled you can then enable it on each game server by going into that game servers setting page, after enabling it you will see the URL on the settings page.


FastDL Path

This is the path the HTTP server should offer game files from within the game server folder, by default when a user visits http://machineIP/serverIP-27015 it will pull the files from /home/gsp_#/serverIP-27015. If you are to set this to “csgo” it will pull files from /home/gsp_#/serverIP-27015/csgo when a user visits http://machineIP/serverIP-27015

This should NOT be a full path

FastDL Allowed Extensions

This is a comma separated list of extensions that can be downloaded. E.g. bsp,nav,jpg,txt

FastDL Exclude

This is a comma separated list of files that are NOT allowed to be downloaded, a wildcard is accepted. E.g. cs_assault.*,server.cfg,*.ini


  • There is no way to limit the speed of file uploads
  • Folder/file listings will display a 404