• Release Date: 01/03/2018
  • Backend upgrade: Yes (Windows)
  • Required: No
  • Language file changed: Yes

NOTE: If you get a page with just the background or the page does not display properly then clear your cache(templates_c and browser).

Releases from 1.0.93 and on require PHP 5.6 or PHP 7

It is recommended that you also upgrade your ionCube loaders


  • The server monitor no longer has a global configuration, each game template now has a server monitor configuration
  • The server monitor can now send alerts to any administrator in GSP-Panel and no longer uses a single email address to send alerts to
  • Added CPU and RAM actions/alerts to the server monitor for game servers
  • Game servers can now have MySQL databases created and associated to them

Bug Fixes

  • Made a tweak to adjust how games with query ports are queried, this should allow you to use various protocols that caused issues before
  • Provided more time for services to start on Windows
  • Game server ports are only shown to clients when the port is assigned (e.g. Custom Port 1 won't show unless it is used by the game template)
  • When importing a game template it will now prompt for which machines to install the game on if applicable

Template Files

  • bootstrap/admin/utilities/logs/api-list.tpl (REMOVED)
  • bootstrap/admin/utilities/logs/api-main.tpl (REMOVED)
  • bootstrap/admin/utilities/logs/api-view.tpl
  • bootstrap/admin/utilities/logs/events-list.tpl (REMOVED)
  • bootstrap/admin/utilities/logs/events-main.tpl (REMOVED)
  • bootstrap/admin/utilities/logs/logs.tpl
  • bootstrap/admin/utilities/servermonitor.tpl
  • bootstrap/admin/configuration/administrators-add.tpl
  • bootstrap/admin/configuration/managegames-add.tpl
  • bootstrap/admin/configuration/settings.tpl
  • bootstrap/admin/manageusergames/managegame.tpl
  • bootstrap/admin/manageusergames/ajax-databases.tpl
  • bootstrap/admin/manageuservoice/managevoice.tpl
  • bootstrap/client/gameserver/managegame.tpl
  • bootstrap/client/managevoice.tpl
  • bootstrap/client/gameserver/ajax-databases.tpl (ADDED)
  • bootstrap/common/language.tpl

Language Changes

  • 'cpuusagelimit' ⇒ “Over CPU percentage”,
  • 'ramusagelimit' ⇒ “Over RAM percentage”,
  • 'percentagelimit' ⇒ “Percentage Limit”,
  • 'servermoncpuexceeded' ⇒ “Server Monitor - CPU Exceeded”,
  • 'servermonramexceeded' ⇒ “Server Monitor - RAM Exceeded”,
  • 'database' ⇒ “Database”,
  • 'phpmyadminlink' ⇒ “phpMyAdmin Link”,
  • 'autocreate' ⇒ “Automatically Create”,
  • 'databasetooltip' ⇒ “Allow a database to be created for the game server”,
  • 'databaseautocreatetooltip' ⇒ “Automatically create a database when the game server is created”,
  • 'databaseadminurltooltip' ⇒ “URL to a MySQL tool such as phpMyAdmin, this will be displayed to the client”,
  • 'createdatabase' ⇒ “Create Database”,
  • 'numberofdatabases' ⇒ “Number of databases”,
  • 'databasecreated' ⇒ “The database was created successfully”,
  • 'databasedeleted' ⇒ “The database was deleted successfully”,
  • 'databasedisabledforgame' ⇒ “Database creation is disabled for this game”,
  • 'databaselimitreached' ⇒ “Unable to create a new database, the limit has been reached”,
  • 'databasealreadyexists' ⇒ “A database with this name already exists”,
  • 'errorcreatingdatabase' ⇒ “There was an error creating the database”,
  • 'databaseuserexistserror' ⇒ “Error creating database user, it already exists”,
  • 'databaseusererror' ⇒ “Error creating database user”,
  • 'yourdatabasecredentials' ⇒ “Your credentials for accessing the databases below are: ”,
  • 'verifydeletedatabase' ⇒ “Are you sure you want to delete the selected database? This action cannot be undone.”,
  • 'databasenotfound' ⇒ “The database specified could not be found”

API Changes

  • N/A