• Release Date: 12/05/2017
  • Backend upgrade: Yes (Windows)
  • Required: No
  • Language file changed: Yes

NOTE: If you get a page with just the background or the page does not display properly then clear your cache(templates_c and browser).

Releases from 1.0.93 and on require PHP 5.6 or PHP 7

It is recommended that you also upgrade your ionCube loaders


  • Added the ability for end users to see all the ports assigned to their game servers
  • Cleaned up unused javascript libraries and updated the rest
  • Switched to the datatables pagination engine
  • Redesigned the installer
  • Updated GameQ which added several more query protocols
  • Added a new hook so users can add custom rcon plugins
  • Improved game query speed when the game has a query port configured
  • Updated the compression library used in the Windows backend

Bug Fixes

  • N/A

Template Files

  • REMOVED /javascript/bootstrap.js
  • REMOVED /javascript/jquery-1.10.2.js
  • REMOVED /javascript/jquery-ui.custom.js
  • REMOVED /javascript/jquery.livequery.js
  • REMOVED /templates/bootstrap/admin/clients/ajax-clientlist.tpl
  • REMOVED /templates/bootstrap/admin/gameservers/ajax-gameserverslist.tpl
  • REMOVED /templates/bootstrap/admin/voiceservers/ajax-voiceserverslist.tpl

Language Changes

  • N/A

Code Changes

  • New Hook: rcon_override