Teamspeak 3

GSP-Panel Module


To enable this module go to Configuration > General Settings > Voice Modules and select the gsp-panel module.

To start using the module you need to install Teamspeak 3 outside of GSP-Panel using the TS3 installer provided by, during the install process you will see a “serveradmin” token, please make a note of this as you will need it later. You will also need a TS3 license installed in order to use this module properly.


To configure the module go to Configuration > Manage Voice > Teamspeak 3.

In this area you can edit the default configuration and setup the servers you will be running TS3 on. Each TS3 server requires the query port(default 10011) and the serveradmin password. Teamspeak 3 client servers will use the main servers IP address. You will need to add the master IP of the panel to the query_ip_whitelist.txt file on the teamspeak 3 server.

It is recommended to read the TS3 ATHP Recommendations which can be found here. These recommendations are important to follow as they restrict clients from editing the slots allowed within the TS3 Client.