Move Server

In 1.0.67-stable this feature can now move the users files to a new machine



There are a few requirements to move the users files

  • The integrated FTP server needs to be enabled on both servers
  • The operating systems must be the same (Windows/Windows or Linux/Linux)
  • Both machines must be able to communicate with each other via their Main IP

If the first two requirements are not met, then the system will fall back to a non-file move which will delete the old server and create the new one.

If the third requirement fails then the move will fail and the users old server will still exist.


  • Download progress can be seen in the download utility


  • Some games are not compatible across architectures (x86, x64), doing a file move on these games will likely fail
  • Backups that are being used for the move are stored in the servers “File Location” and deleted afterwards
  • Existing game server backups are deleted, they will not be moved