• Date: 1/20/2014
  • Backend upgrade: Yes
  • Required: No
  • Language file changed: Yes

NOTE: If you get a page with just the background or the page does not display properly then clear your cache(templates_c and browser).

JQueryUI templates are no longer supported

We recommend performing a clean update for this version. To perform a clean update please visit http://wiki.gsp-panel.com/gettingstarted:upgrade_frontend#clean_update


  • Replaced the old UI with a new responsive bootstrap 3 template, old JqueryUI templates are no longer supported
  • More actions are performed via ajax to help speed up the interface
  • If the Bukget plugin is a zip it then will be extracted
  • Updated the Bukget Addon Plugin so users can now filter by category and search.
  • Added more API calls (See code changes below)
  • Updated Smarty to version 3
  • Users and Administrators can now schedule game backups, if the backup limit is exceeded then the oldest backup will be deleted
  • Merged the subuser UI/PHP files into the client files
  • Separated the client manageservices.php into gameserver.php and voiceserver.php
  • Switched to mysqli from mysql, please make sure the extension is enabled in your PHP install
  • The Windows backend will launch batch files correctly if used as a game's executable, this change also means environment path files can also be used
  • Server Monitor logs are now saved for 24 hours and can be viewed in the Server Monitor utility
  • Added API 1.1 restrictions to prevent users, subusers, admins, and subadmins from using the API unless this feature is enabled for the user type
  • When installing a new game server GSP-Panel will attempt to find an IP that has the game's main port available, if no IP is found then we fallback to the least used IP
  • Graphs now use the Google Charts API instead of pChart, this moves most of the rendering and processing to the browser. Browsers that do not support HTML5 will not be able to view graphs
  • Administrators can now override the default command line per gameserver
  • Gameserver's will show the task type if the gameserver is locked
  • Administrator's can unlock a gameserver from the interface
  • Added a daily resource graph for users under the statistics tab
  • New installs and tables will default to UTF8, existing tables will not be converted

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed page lag caused by the Bukget Addon Plugin
  • Fixed Games::DeleteConfig
  • Fixed Games::DeleteScript
  • Fixed an issue where GB would be displayed instead of MB for machine resources
  • Failed voice server installs will no longer stay in the database
  • After a machine is deleted all IPs related to that machine will be removed from the database

Template Files

  • Removed default
  • Removed smoothness
  • Removed darkness
  • Removed lightness
  • Removed redmone
  • Added bootstrap

Language Changes

  • CHANGED: 'deleteserverq' ⇒ “Are you sure you want to delete this server?”,
  • CHANGED: 'backupquestion' ⇒ “Are you sure you want to backup this game server? Backups may take a while depending on your server, during this time the server will be shutdown and locked. Once the backup is completed it will restart.”, *
  • CHANGED: 'gamekilltooltip' ⇒ “This command will be sent to the games console before shutdown. Not all games are compatible with this option.”,
  • CHANGED: 'logfiletooltip' ⇒ “Change this setting if the game is not compatible with our default screenlog method or you would like a different log displayed in the console.”,
  • CHANGED: 'deleteclientq' ⇒ “Are you sure you want to delete this client?”,
  • 'ok' ⇒ “OK”,
  • 'cancel' ⇒ “Cancel”,
  • 'help' ⇒ “Help”,
  • 'documentation' ⇒ “Documentation”,
  • 'dashboard' ⇒ “Dashboard”,
  • 'management' ⇒ “Management”,
  • 'profile' ⇒ “Profile”,
  • 'inprogress' ⇒ “In Progress”,
  • 'action' ⇒ “Action”,
  • 'gameservernotprivate' ⇒ “Game server not private”,
  • 'gameserverslotsexceeded' ⇒ “Game server slots exceeded”,
  • 'viewresults' ⇒ “View Results”,
  • 'deletescheduledtaskquestion' ⇒ “Are you sure you want to delete this scheduled task?”,
  • 'search' ⇒ “Search”,
  • 'download' ⇒ “Download”,
  • 'rename' ⇒ “Rename”,
  • 'transfermode' ⇒ “Transfer mode”,
  • 'upload' ⇒ “Upload”,
  • 'createdirectory' ⇒ “Create Directory”,
  • 'switchftpmode' ⇒ “Switch Binary/ASCII”,
  • 'close' ⇒ “Close”,
  • 'filetype' ⇒ “File Type”,
  • 'subuseraccess' ⇒ “Sub-user Access”,
  • 'subadminaccess' ⇒ “Sub-Admin Access”,
  • 'adminaccess' ⇒ “Admin Access”,
  • 'webapipasstooltip' ⇒ “This password provides full admin access to the API, this option can be empty to disable this form of access without needing to specify a user with valid credentials.”,
  • 'webapiclientaccesstooltip' ⇒ “Set this to Yes to allow clients to use the WebAPI”,
  • 'webapisubuseraccesstooltip' ⇒ “Set this to Yes to allow sub-users to use the WebAPI”,
  • 'webapisubadminaccesstooltip' ⇒ “Set this to Yes to allow sub-admins to use the WebAPI”,
  • 'webapiadminaccesstooltip' ⇒ “Set this to Yes to allow admins to use the WebAPI”,
  • 'taskdeleted' ⇒ “Task deleted”,
  • 'executabletooltip' ⇒ “The executable used to run the service, this can be a full path or relative. If the executable is not found then it will fallback to calling it from the PATH environment variable.”,
  • 'log' ⇒ “Log”,
  • 'session' ⇒ “Session”,
  • 'customcommandlinetooltip' ⇒ “Entering a command line here will override the default command line for this game, if you want to use the default command line then empty this box. When the box is empty it will display the default command line”,
  • 'moving' ⇒ “Moving”,
  • 'backingup' ⇒ “Backing up”,
  • 'gameserverunlocked' ⇒ “The gameserver has been unlocked”,
  • 'unlockgamequestion' ⇒ “Are you sure you want to unlock this gameserver? Gameservers are locked when a task is taking place that may interact with the game files or settings, unlocking the game server does not stop the task that's in progress.”

Code Changes

  • Added Cron::ListJobs