• Date: 5/7/2013
  • Backend upgrade: Yes
  • Required: No
  • Language file changed: Yes

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a release older then 1.0.65 and using a custom theme you may need to update the css.

NOTE: If you get a page with just the background or the page does not display properly then clear your cache(templates_c and browser).


IP DNS Aliases - Replace IPs with easy to remember domains Task Results - View results of SteamCMD!


  • Optimized ajax calls
  • Update Jquery and related scripts, also removed older scripts
  • Converted the tabbed menu (fgmenu) to jqueryUI menu
  • The GSP-Panel mumble module can now read the murmur.log file
  • Added DNS aliases for machine IPs
  • Updated the WebFTP javascript, please note this may not work on outdated browsers (IE8 and lower)
  • Ability to view task results (such as updating a users game), this is accessible in the Task List utility
  • The machine's paths are created if they do not exist (file location, user location, addons, and updates)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the rcon failure output for Minecraft
  • Subuser tabs should display properly
  • Manage Machines page is now formatted properly
  • The “Info” button on the gameservers page shows the loading bar now
  • Removed the ajax timeout for machine summary(main page)
  • Adding IPs should work on all browsers now
  • The Windows backend should detect single file games properly

Template Files

  • default/admin/clients/clients-summary.tpl
  • default/admin/gameservers/ajax-gameserverslist.tpl
  • default/admin/configuration/managegames-add.tpl
  • default/admin/header.tpl
  • default/admin/index.tpl
  • default/admin/machines/ajax-addip.tpl
  • default/admin/machines/managemachines-add.tpl
  • default/admin/machines/info.tpl
  • default/admin/machines/managemachines-list.tpl
  • default/admin/manageusergames/add-game.tpl
  • default/admin/manageusergames/managegame.tpl
  • default/admin/manageuservoice/add-voice.tpl
  • default/admin/utilities/tasklist.tpl
  • default/admin/utilities/downloader.tpl
  • default/admin/utilities/scheduler/scheduler-add.tpl
  • default/admin/utilities/syscontrol/syscontrol-add.tpl
  • default/admin/voiceservers/ajax-voiceserverslist.tpl
  • default/admin/modules/mumble/gsp-panel/serverlog.tpl
  • default/client/index.tpl
  • default/client/subindex.tpl
  • default/client/header.tpl
  • default/client/managegame.tpl
  • default/client/modules/mumble/gsp-panel/serverlog.tpl
  • default/client/submanagegame.tpl
  • default/common/ftp/edit.tpl
  • default/common/ftp/main.tpl
  • default/css/layout.css
  • default/login/header.tpl

Language Changes

  • 'domainalias' ⇒ “Domain Alias”
  • 'tasklistresults' ⇒ “Task List Results”