• Date: 8/16/2012
  • Backend upgrade: Yes
  • Required: No
  • Language file changed: Yes


  • Installer now checks port 299 for outgoing communication
  • Added IPv6 compatibility
  • Updated JUpload
  • Ajax dialog's are bigger
  • When a user logs in, their IP is now logged and displayed to admins
  • Backend has an integrated HTTP server (for use with Fast Download, and future use of moving files)
  • The highly anticipated fast download feature has been added

Bug Fixes

  • Move users game now displays an error if their is an existing task
  • Server Monitor will expire tasks that take to long, so gameservers don't get locked up
  • Admins can now remove the “private” setting on gameservers

Template Files

  • default/admin/clients/clients-summary.tpl
  • default/admin/configuration/ajax-editaddon.tpl
  • default/admin/configuration/ajax-editconfig.tpl
  • default/admin/configuration/ajax-editscript.tpl
  • default/admin/configuration/ajax-editupdate.tpl
  • default/admin/header.tpl
  • default/admin/utilities/downloader.tpl
  • default/admin/configuration/managegames-add.tpl
  • default/admin/machines/managemachines-add.tpl
  • default/admin/manageusergames/ajax-gameoptions.tpl
  • default/admin/manageusergames/managegame.tpl
  • default/admin/manageuservoice/managevoice.tpl
  • default/client/header.tpl
  • default/client/index.tpl
  • default/client/managegame.tpl
  • default/admin/machines/ajax-addip.tpl

Language Changes

  • 'httpport' ⇒ “HTTP Port”
  • 'httpporttooltip' ⇒ “The port the HTTP server should run on, the integrated HTTP server is used for FastDL, moving servers, and downloading games. Leave this empty if you want to disable the HTTP on this server. Changing this setting will require a manual backend restart on the machine.”
  • 'lastip' ⇒ “Last IP”
  • 'fastdownload' ⇒ “Fast Download”
  • 'fastdlpath' ⇒ “FastDL Path”
  • 'fastdlallowed' ⇒ “FastDL Allowed Extensions”
  • 'fastdlexclude' ⇒ “FastDL Exclude”
  • 'fastdltooltip' ⇒ “Enabling this will allow the user games to have a Fast Download URL
  • 'fastdlpathtooltip' ⇒ “This is where the URL(http://machineip:httpport/gameip-gameport/) should redirect to, so if it should be /home/gsp_2/ you would add css/cstrike to this box.”
  • 'fastdlallowedtooltip' ⇒ “This is a comma separated list of allowed extensions to be downloaded. E.g. dsp,avi,mp3,mp4”
  • 'fastdlexcludetooltip' ⇒ “This is a comma separated list of files that are NOT allowed to be downloaded, a wildcard is accepted. E.g. cs_assault.*,server.cfg,*.ini”